Turning Tales

Turning Tales | anthropocene [exit] series – 2017*
Sand-cast lead, lead solder, steel, appropriated & modified two-part pattern from plastic water pistol toy.
86 x 111 x 100 mm (5 elements, installation variable)

“Like other unwholesome aspects of the Anthropocene, we mostly respond to mass extinction with stuplimity: the aesthetic experience in which astonishment is united with boredom, such that we overload on anxiety to the point of outrage-outage.” [1] And so the environment will continue to act as an event-space, with nature reduced to the machine parts of a [human] spectacle, lost to the phenomenal distances created between intentions and actual personal agency.  

* Work documented in pre-tarnished state & tarnished work, late August 2019

[1] Robert Macfarlane text