Turning Point

Turning Point | anthropocene [exit] series – 2017*
Sand-cast lead, lead solder, steel, appropriated & modified two-part pattern from plastic water pistol toy.
86 x 111 x 90 mm

[Plastic] Dolphins have mythically represented rebirth and renewal, and as carriers of the spirit of the dead to the next world, or reality…our being in the world as being towards cycles of production and waste, our muteness as an atrocity //

“Perhaps the Anthropocene has already become an anthropomeme: punned and pimped into stuplimity [1] its presence in popular discourse often just a virtue signal that merely mandates the user to proceed with the work of consumption.” [2]

* Work documented in pre-tarnished state

[1] Numbness and hyperattentive-ness, nonchalance and monotony in the face of the overwhelming, Sianne Ngai text
[2] Robert Macfarlane text

Tarnished work, August 2019

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