Tenebrae | anthropocene [exit] – 2017*
Sand-cast lead, lead solder, rolled steel, appropriated & modified two-part pattern from plastic water pistol toy.
90 x 110 x 50 mm (4 elements, installation variable)

Poseidon [the Earth-shaker] and Greek god of the sea, travelled in a chariot drawn by [plastic] seahorses…Tenebrae, the four shadows of apocalyptic imaginings, the extinguishing of light, of darkness, of total night.

“Anthropocene is not the geology of a species at all, but rather the geology of a system, capitalism – and as such should be renamed the Capitalocene.” [1]

* Work documented in pre-tarnished state

 Featured on www.zenopress.com April 2018

[1] Robert Macfarlane text