Life on the Edge

Life on the Edge | anthropocene [exit] – 2017*
Sand-cast lead, lead solder, rolled steel, appropriated & modified two-part pattern from plastic water pistol toy.
70 x 126 x 50 mm 

Rethinking the made world through the deadness of lead – acts of micro condemnation [objects about objects], critical memories & the ghosts of humanity.

Seahorses are masterpieces of evolution, reaching their unique morphology and niche in the web of life through many twists and turns over millions of years, and as such “are touchstones to remind people of the vulnerable and beautiful creatures that live [in the oceans] giving us a reason to care.” [1]

* Work documented in pre-tarnished state

[1] Helen Scales, Poseidon’s Steed, Gotham Books (Penguin Group) 2009