Recent 2020 – final stages of working on Decoy – armature welding, construction and committing to process //

July 2020 – carving lead, reworking undercuts & details: WIP ‘Decoy’ part of the Grey Planet series.

May : July 2020 – back in the workshop, working on Decoy & test casts

November 2019 – works [work on hold due to teaching commitments …..

October 2019 – vitrine

Late September 2019 – packing work, new patterns :)

September 2019 – getting ready

Late August 2019 – studio images to date for Business as [un]usual

Mid August 2019 – skip pattern complete & casting block

August 2019 – cutting details & fixing wheels

July 2019 – marking, cutting & drilling

Late June 2019 – casting, casting

Mid June 2019 – working on pattern for cabin

Mid June 2019 – chassis cast, fettled / finished & now tarnishing in the rains Business as [un]usual part of the playing at change series

June 2019 – Final casts (pour 6/7) and starting to cut in & sharpen details

June 2019 – Pour, repeat & return [tomorrow]

June 2019 – Test pulls & casts, preparing recycled lead

Late May 2019 – pattern for Business as Usual (main body with volume fillers & split-mould elements) ready for test cast, with the cabin dependent on final dimensions

May 2019 – studio in Spring

Mid May 2019 – slow beginnings

Late April 2019 – WIP “In the future, everything was possible”, final construction images (pop-riveting halves, soldering points / repeat …

Late April 2019 – WIP “In the future, everything was possible” … & the (fantastic) instability of Fe2O3 works

Mid April 2019 – Studio image “Life-form & Function” from the playing at change series (detail: working on turbine).

Mid April 2019 – the colour of process and production lines

April 2019 – WIP, pattern modification for multi-part work “Delivery” (working title) from the injection moulded original to a sand cast-able version

April 2019 – details from Pump Action Fe2O3 cast sculptures on paper series & staring at that blank page of terror …

Late March 2019 – working on ingot mould for Fermynwoods Art + Future resilience event (and making drawing material the anthropocentric way).

… reworking patterns & templates, somewhere between the process of drawing & the process of object-making

March 2019 – Fe2O3 works on paper (studies from “Pump Action” series) material ground & collected from recycled cast-iron sculptures

March 2019 – work in progress, detailed micro-shuttering & pattern modification (from injection moulded original to a sand cast-able version) 1 of 6 parts

Late February 2019 – Fe2O3 drawings

Late February 2019 – in the thinking pit

February 2019 – Working on the 2nd Mourning Boat, in the sand pit again …

February 2019 – colour templates & early morning light

Late January 2019 – crawling through the edits today having caught a fleeting & insipid light

Mid January 2019 – Studio images, “Mourning Boat” sand/RTV cast lead/lead alloy & steel. From modified and appropriated [toy] plastic pattern

January 2019 – WIP re-casting details: Improvised centrifugal casting “system” + RTV rubber – nothing like the splatter of molten lead alloy

January 2019 – WIP [pour No 6] torch preheating mould, venting & sprue relocation a success. Looking forward to finishing and assembling elements as part of this new series of works

Early January 2019 – Heating mould and pouring channels

Early January 2019 –first clean pull & flask prepared for casting, nerves on edge today 

Early January 2019 – initial casting failures: problems with flow rates, the cold studio environment & sprue locations – still learning how to cleanly pull this pattern

Early January 2019 – recycling old work & testing crucible for Mourning Boat casting, largest pour to date / final pattern modifications based on initial sand-casting tests

Late December 2018 – from paste to powder, and micro-foundry modification

December 2018 – a day of studio-base fireworks (welding & grinding the crucible pouring handle).

… cold morning

December 2018 – completed casting flask construction

… working late

Late November 2018 – casting base in preparation for sand-casting due to curvature of boat, crucible poring handle & flask construction 

November 2018 – Work in progress, Mourning Boat [playing at change].  Pattern modification & core moulding

November 2018 – at present I can say nothing, WIP _ sand-cast lead from modified plastic [toy] pattern

Late October 2018 – Work in progress,  machine parts for Playing at Change

Mid October 2018 – New casting processes, times when only rubber will do …

October 2018 – New thoughts, transportation, travel & displacement(s) …

August 2018 – Today I made dust – lead dust. Thinking of these micro sarcophagi with the woodpeckers tap, tap tapping [nails] outside & listening to Messiaen’s Turangalîla-Symphonie //

Odd, this house used to be the estate undertakers & this studio the coffin workshop

August 2018 – Studio image “Monuments to hollow [un]certainties” as we continue to build fictional futures & towers of indifference (fictions of ownership and progress, monuments to our collective stupidity).

Late July 2018 – Working on patterns, Monuments to hollow [un]certainties, templates, micro-shuttering & studio images

July 2018 – Work in progress, Habitation [dead weights].  Test cast from new modified & appropriated pattern

Late June 2018 – Studio colour fixes & work in progress

Late June 2018 – It’s the documenting, selecting & editing week [… those past times of contact sheets, chinagraph and Polaroid proofs, sighs].

Mid June 2018 – Away from the making //

June 2018 – Remnants of process, sand-casting negative spaces (from Cross Head Jack-ups). 

Late May 2018 – Cutting joints for Trigger Points, and final works (studio images, pre-tarnished state)

Late May 2018 – Work in progress, Grey Planet [Cross Head jack-up]. Sand-cast lead, steel & aluminium from appropriated and modified pattern.  

Late May 2018 – Light spilling into studio

May 2018 – Colour fix and casting caps for Trigger Points 

Late April 2018 – Work in progress, Grey Planet [House on Back].  The weight of industrial progress

April 2018 – Working on Trigger Points

March / April – moving icons around desktop & finally installing electrics in Grey Planet series

March 2018 – Strange to think of the anxieties and frustrations contained

March 2018 – Moments in-between the making …

March 2018 – casting, recasting; repeat …

March 2018 – Today we start again, working in multiples of error

January 2018 – Work in progress, Grey Planet [air-cooled life forms], initial test casts and finalising pattern

December 2017 – Studio in Chiaroscuro, looking towards 2018

December 2017 – Work in progress, Grey Planet [air-cooled life forms] 

Star | Lights Out anthroplastikos series, installing breakout boards & high intensity LEDs

October 2017 – Work in progress, Star | Lights Out anthroplastikos series. Sand-cast lead from modified / appropriated plastic original, micro-electrics (sprue attached).

September 2017 – studio shot, A Squeeze on Words | Anthroplastikos series. Sand-cast lead from modified / appropriated plastic original, and time to tarnish

September 2017 – The studio door & other distractions

September 2017 – Work in progress, A Squeeze on Words | Anthroplastikos series (and a momentary glimpse of colour in my otherwise grey-scale world).

July 2017 – Work in progress, new processes, thoughts & directions

June 2017 – Work in progress, Anthropocene [exit] series

April 2017 – Work in progress, InActions

March  2017 – Making a space work for work, casting & initial pieces

February 2017 – Making a space work for work, new studio & refurbishment

January 2017 – Making a space work for work, initial refurbishment

Note: Studio_blog

The studio (a Victorian outbuilding) sits in a frost pocket and backs onto an overgrown drainage culvert which is a haven for wildlife. The first job was a thorough clean to remove years of grime and natural detritus and to then fix a tight budget to an even sharper time scale – no luxuriating in displacement activities. Insulation, internal roof linings and mould-proof paint then followed (of which I was sceptical) all completed whilst balancing on a precarious ladder spanning the void – no RAs needed! The main refurbishment was completed in February 2017, with benches and lightning in early March.

This new period of time will provide me with the opportunity to evaluate intensities of making, and to explore the distance between object, objectness and intention. This commitment to making is supported by my decision to quit teaching in September 2016, and to focus on practice full time. A practice in its formative stages of development is potentially vulnerable, being both critically fluid and prone to fantastic uncertainties – a status that I have found myself returning to.

2016 – Gold Leafed Time-Based text (abandoned work)