[archive of selected exhibitions, projects & events]

2019Art + Future Resilience, Talk on Art in the age of the Anthropocene, Northamptonshire

2016 – Ballistic Baby, Dead Bells, Petards, The Somme, Part I, Acid Drop Copse Collective, Honeywood Museum, Charshalton

2016 – Ballistic Globes & Ballistic Boxes, The Somme, Part II, Acid Drop Copse Collective, ArtMoorHouse, London

2015 – Dead Light, Velocity:11, Crypt Gallery, St Pancras Church, London

2013 – WYSIWYG, The Itinerants, The Old Police Station, New Cross, London

2015 – Pump Action, Co_Laboratory, London

2014 – Studio (shed) in West Ewell

2013 – No Yo’s, Open West, Newark Park & Cheltenham Art Gallery + Museum

2013 – Sound Bombs, The London Group Centenary, London

2013 – Death of Ambition, London Calling, Factory-Art, Shoreditch

2012 – Mine(time), Time Will Come, Factory-Art, Berlin

2012 – Sound Bombs & The Death of Ambition, Solo Award, WW Gallery, London

2011 – Book of Hours, Afternoon Tea, WW Gallery (part of the UK at the 54th Venice Biennale) Venice 

2011 – The Breath of God, Mostyn Open, Mostyn Oriel Gallery

2010 – Time the Comedy Villain, In Time, UAL Blueprint, London

2007 – Time Dedicated to You, Sub, Trinity Buoy Wharf, London

1995 – Cradle, Handshake, St Margaret’s, Norwich

1991 – Clinker, Cannizaro Park, Wimbledon

1989 – Red Interior (sculpture drops) London