Beware of the Gods


Beware of the Gods – 2012
Sand-cast lead
20 x 55 mm (5 elements)

The process of sand casting which dates back at least 3000 years B.C., and the use of lead with its base metal, alchemical associations have become a primary material concern. The frustrations of using an iterative process that fails more often than it succeeds, further draws down on this alchemical association. The speed at which new lead tarnishes to a dull, ubiquitous and light-consuming grey is perhaps a suitable metaphor for the [ultimate] fallacy of our endeavours. Leads weight and neurological toxicity; its supreme malleability and softness as set against its stoic resistance to environmental conditions are all so beautifully antithetical – a material if ever created to suit the human condition.

Exhibited at the Solo Award 2012, WW Gallery, London