Studio, showing work with exhibition vitrine

Business as [un]usual – 2019 (part of the Playing at Change series)

Sand-cast recycled lead, steel & construction waste material from modified and appropriated toy plastic pattern.

30.0 x 13.0 x 14.0 cm

Hauling the waste of making – dross, swarf & filings.

” … like very sad children’s toys, the weight and toxicity of the material negate any possibility of play. You are like Geppeto the father and toymaker in his workshop invoking the vitality of a child but condemning it to death instantly. I feel a lot of loss when I look at them” DC

…. set to back-peddle,

Mourning Boat [undisclosed payload] – 2019* (part of the Playing at Change series)

Sand & RTV cast lead / lead-alloy, lead solder & steel, from modified & appropriated plastic (toy) pattern. 

7.5 x 19.5 x 39 cm

Attempting to navigate the heavy waters of industrial & economic change – “growth is going to come to an end, either suddenly or in a controlled way” DA

* Work documented in pre-tarnished state

Showing one of five [identical] elements

Air cooled life-forms – 2018 (part of the Grey Planet series)

Sand-cast lead, steel, 12v DC axial ball bearing fan, Yuasa 12v 1.2Ah rechargeable lead acid batteries, from modified & appropriated plastic (toy) pattern.

30 x 100 x 340mm (5 elements, installation & duration variable).

The turtle is a symbol of longevity, and is sometimes represented with batteries growing from its back to imply a long life, [ ]… a need to re-wild our critical perceptions.